Friday, September 12, 2008

The Chef?

The sport blog godfather himself, Bill Simmons, gave a nod to the Ravens in his Friday column and the topic was a suggested nickname for #5. I can't argue with his choice (see below) but I'd like to submit a few suggestions myself: Flacc Jacket, Flaccido Domingo, Joe-Fla, or my personal favorite, FlaccJacks. What do you think

Here's Simmons' take:

You know, I enjoyed Joe Flacco's work last week -- his teammates responded to him and so did the fans. But he needs a nickname. Joe Flacco makes him sound too much like a chef. Couldn't you see him starring in "Cooking with Joe Flacco" or "Joe Flacco's Barbecue Extravaganza" on the Food Network? So that got me thinking … couldn't his nickname be "The Chef?" For one thing, again, he sounds like a chef. As far as I can tell, nobody in sports has ever had the nickname "Chef" before, and it kinda makes sense for a quarterback since he's the one who has to cook all the ingredients, so to speak. Plus, we've only had one other "Chef" -- the Chef from "South Park" -- and that couldn't have worked out any better. So that's my vote: The Chef, Joe Flacco. But I'm willing to hear any and all suggestions.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Speechless (+ golf clap)

I don't know whether to applaud or not.

Monday, September 08, 2008


We were spoiled.

Lauryn and I may have moved from the National Football League to the National Pastime this summer, but our passion for the men in purple came with us. For the first time since we moved to California, the NFL was in full swing on Sunday and we took in the action on SIRIUS Satellite Radio in the car, at Barney's Beanery in West Hollywood,and on in my office. And when the game ended just as Clayton Kershaw was throwing his first pitch, we came to realize a few things about the Ravens:

1. "Let's Go Flac-co" is not going anywhere anytime soon
2. Ray Rice is lucky that fumble didn't cost Joe and Coach Harbaugh their first victories
3. The defense still can dominate and sure has fun doing it
4. Carson Palmer was not a good fantasy football selection (I passed on D-Nabb to take him!)
5. The terms, 'naked bootleg' and 'double reverse' had to be dusted off the shelves at the Baltimore Sun
6. Nothing can compare to watching the game from the sidelines

So although Lauryn and I now spend our gamedays at Dodger Stadium, we'll still be rooting for the Ravens this season, pinning our hopes on the former Delaware Blue Hen. We may be 3,000 miles away, but the Flacco fan club has a Los Angeles affiliate that I'd like to officially name "Flacctopia" -- t-shirts coming soon to a blog near you.