Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Perriman's Perseverance

You spend your childhood, early adulthood and college years focused on one goal. Being good enough at your sport of choice to possibly be among the very few, the elite of the elite, who get chosen to play at the professional level. The day comes, you are picked in the first round of the draft and you find yourself in Training Camp ready to prove yourself. You get injured, nothing major, or so you think. But you never take the field. You miss the entire season.

You work your way back. You stay positive, knowing that missing a season can't derail your career. You're ready for the challenge and just want a chance to compete. Get back on the field. And then, you get injured. This time, it seems major right away.

Can you imagine?

But looking at Perriman's tweets and player quotes, you can see that he is not one to get down on himself or his situation. And perhaps that is why all football fans, not just Ravens Nation, had to smile when they saw the news yesterday.

Perriman's year is not over. In fact, he may be back for Training Camp. He should get a chance to play alongside Steve Smith and Mike Wallace and Kamar Aiken this season. He should be able to live out his dream of playing in the NFL. He should be able to define himself.