Thursday, March 31, 2016

Castle Hunters

You know what would make for great offseason content? An HGTV-style show documenting the proposed renovations to the Under Armour Performance Center, otherwise known as The Castle in Owings Mills. As Garret Downing reports, the proposed upgrades could include new space for broadcasting and digital operations or new lockers to accommodate additional players during Training Camp. But let's think like the Property Brothers.

What if they knocked out the cafeteria and replaced it with a series of cuisine specific kitchens or a hibachi table for 55? Perhaps an extension to the indoor practice facility that could include a game room complete with a row of football pop-a-shot machines. The entryway to the room would of course have a sign that read, "Are you Elite?".

Or you could go all-in on the castle theme and build a moat around the property, only to be used by Michael Phelps and any competitor who wishes to challenge him. You could have a lot of fun with $35 million, let's see if any of my ideas made the cut.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

HBD to the Ravens

Amazing to think we all could have been wearing Baltimore Railers jerseys. Maybe CSX could have sponsored.

Either way, on the 20-year anniversary of the Baltimore Football Team officially being given the name Ravens, it's fun to think about what could have been. Here is the complete history, but for those with 6-second attention spans, here's the only part that matters:

So happy birthday Ravens, thank you Art, and to The Railers, you're welcome.