Sunday, October 22, 2006

Week 7 – On the Couch without the Ravens

Baltimore, MD – 10/23/06.

The Ravens took flight this week, back home to cities across the country to spend a few relaxing days during their only break of the NFL season. Lauryn and I also took advantage of our first Sunday away from the football field by planting ourselves on the couch for eight hours of what else, football. Actually, you could say we watched 12 hours of action since we brought a second television into the living room to allow us to watch both division rivals – Pittsburgh and Cincinnati – who were playing separate games at 1:00.

The day started out with a quick run to the local Safeway for chips, salsa, cheese, crackers, and grapes. I know I know, grapes sound a bit too healthy to consume during a day of football, but Lauryn ate most of them and I only used them to cleanse my palette in between salty snacks.

The games were both close and at one point in the second half, both AFC North foes were losing. Unfortunately, the Bengals found a way to beat the Panthers to tie us for first place. However, the Steelers lost a shootout in OT to the Falcons to fall two games back of both Cinncy and the Ravens.

I’m going to keep this week’s posting brief, considering I’m not promoting via email, I don’t think anyone would be interested in hearing about the amount of salsa that I was able to fit into a Tostitos scoop, and I am distracted by Game 2 of the World Series. Next week should be special though with a trip to New Orleans to see Lauryn’s aunt and uncle, and probably more interesting to all of you, to play the 5-1 Saints. Goodbye bye week. Hello Bayou.

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Anonymous said...

First of all - I for one found this week;s installment riveting (sp?). Do you have direct tv? How did you get those game on at the same time? Did the chips have any seasoning to them or where they plain. Where they green or red grapes? If red, did they have seeds? I need details - MORE DETAILS!!!

Second - How 'bout them Tigers. My pick - Tigers in 6.

Third - How 'bout those Wolverines. I hope you are getting ready for the GAME OF THE CENTURY in Columbus, Ohio. I know I am.

Keep up the good work, safe travels next week and give my best to your lovely wife.