Thursday, April 17, 2008

McNair to Retire

A 1pm press conference has been scheduled for today to announce the retirement of Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Steve McNair. Earlier this year, new Ravens Head Coach, Jon Harbaugh, announced that McNair would enter training camp as the starter. Now what?

With just quarterbacks Kyle Boller and Troy Smith on the roster, it seems likely that Baltimore will be scouting for a new signal caller next weekend during the NFL Draft. Matt Ryan is the #1QB in the field, but if he's not around when the Ravens are put on the clock to make the 8th pick of the day, the most likely scenario would be that Baltimore would use their 2nd round pick to solidify the position. The candidates would then include Louisville's Brian Brohm, Delaware's Joe Flacco (Yes, Delaware), and maybe even Michigan's Chad Henne or University of San Diego's Josh Johnson.

Of course Harbaugh could be on the phone with his friends from Philly right now asking about D-Nabb - this Orange alum could only dream - but today certainly signifies a changing of the guard for the purple and black. We'll miss you Steve. High five! (see below)

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