Monday, December 15, 2008

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

A little late on the post, but Lauryn and ventured back to the Charm City during Thanksgiving week and made a stop at M&T Bank Stadium for some good ol fashioned Ravens stuffing - stuffing the run that is - against the Philadelphia Eagles.

We started the day in familiar surroundings as we walked the field during pre-game, making stops to see coaches, security guards, front office executives and RaveTV crew members that we had spent many a season with. We also had Lauryn's parents with us this time around and we made sure to pose for a quick picture before heading up to the stands to fans!

The pre-game introducts were still as pyrotechnic as ever, complete with a Nelly-soundtracked entrence for #52. The game itself breezed buy, with little offense in the first half, but a whole lot of purple and black on D, enough to kick Donovoan McNabb to the curb in the 2nd half. Lauryn and I were in the control room as the 3rd quarter began and we all were shocked to see that #5 was hiding in a winter coat on the sidelines. Of course his replacement, Kevin Kolb, did not fare so well against Ray, Reed and T-Sizzle so the game did not prove to be the end of the DNabb era, but Baltimore did win big to give us at least something to be thankful for.