Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Purple Planning

Making plans for the fall? 

You should wait. 

At least until this Thursday as the NFL will announce the 2014 schedule tomorrow and it's probably best to save that weekend getaway for bye-week. And for those who have tickets to the Crabhouse (I'm going to try and get that to stick) it's important to know which weekends you'll be out in the cold, and which weekday nights (i.e. Mondays/Thursdays) you may need to arrange for a babysitter. 

As a Ravens ticket holder myself living a few hours to the north near the Big Apple, I have to plan my trips down the NJ Turnpike for at least 8 different weekends so the Ravens schedule IS my schedule in many ways. That said, I've decide to take a stab at which games could be chosen for primetime this season. Here goes it:

1. Carolina (HOME) -- no brainer with Steve Smith in purple & black

2. Pittsburgh (HOME or AWAY) -- still one of the marquee rivalries in the NFL, although Seattle/SF has taken over the top spot, but on year after Tomlin's toe dance, it's likely going to get an NBC audience

3. Colts (AWAY) - Does anyone get royalties on that Mayflower truck-in-the-snow footage? If so, you can bet their rooting for a primetime Colts-Ravens matchup. The two teams also happen to be pretty good so I think this is a good bet - perhaps a flex later in the year

4. Saints (AWAY) - Ravens won #SBXLVII in NoLa and since the team's don't meet that often, could be of interest

5. Falcons (HOME) - Matty Ice vs. Joe Flacco was supposed to be evoke heated discussions about the 2008 draft for year's to come. But Joe Cool won a Super Bowl already and the Falcons just seem confused of late. However, the networks could still hype this game up as a QB showdown so wouldn't be surprised if we get more of these memes from @RUSSELLSTREPORT 

The wait is almost over....until we have actual dates to wait for.

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