Monday, December 31, 2007

We Interrupt this Blog to Bring You Breaking News

I was literally in the middle of finishing up my Week 17 blog (in case you didn't hear, we won!) when ESPN News reported that Brian Billick has been fired after 9 seasons in Baltimore. From Scott Mitchell to Kyle Boller, Billick has lived and died by the quarterback sword and today his days in Owings Mills have come to an end.

Looking to start some rumors? How about Rex Ryan as Head Coach? Mike Martz as Offensive Coordinator?

More commentary to follow...

The Ravens are conducting a press conference right now, simulcast on ESPN News and WJZ, reviewing the firing of Coach Billick.

A few select quotes from Owner Steve Bisciotti:

"We are collectively 5-11."
"I have never met Bill Cowher."
"I do fear being wrong. I could be three coaches past Brian Billick nine years from now and trying to solve this puzzle."
"Jury's out on me. Brian's already got his Super Bowl. And I'll try to make you all proud."

Steve also commented that all assistants are free to use their offices to find other jobs, and there contracts for 2008 will all be honored, but none are guaranteed jobs next season with a new head coach.

A few quotes from Ozzie Newsome, General Manager:

"I did not just find out about this yesterday."
"Is Rex [Ryan] someone we will interview to be our head coach? Yes. If Rex is the best guy he will be the third coach in the history of the Baltimore Ravens."
"The next coach... next offensive defensive coordinator is going to have a lot of input as to what's the makeup of our 2008 roster."

A quote from Dick Cass, Ravens President:

"I did recommend to Steve that he go ahead and fire Brian."

Click here for Brian Billick's statement.

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