Monday, December 24, 2007

Week 16 - Sling Shot

12/23/07 – Mahwah, NJ.

First off, let me explain the dateline of the article. As many of you may have been doing as well (and judging by the traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike, I think all of you were doing it), Lauryn and I packed up on Saturday and headed north to my hometown for the holidays. With a Best of Wired scheduled to air this week, the RaveTV crew was kept to a minimum for the Ravens trip to the Emerald City and as a result, we spent our Sunday in the suburban sprawl of Northern New Jersey.

Now let me explain the title of the article. Since we were going to be watching Week 16 from the Garden State, the only games that we would have the chance to watch live would be those featuring the tri-state area’s two NFL teams, the Giants and Jets. And with the schedule makers making sure that most Jerseyites could watch both the green and blue without worrying about the remote, the chances of Lauryn and I catching the purple and black were, well, remote.

I give you the Slingbox. The Slingbox is the most underrated invention since the iPod (the iPhone doesn’t count since its just an iPod that rings). The Slingbox will change the way we all watch television one day, or at least where we watch. A brief overview: A Slingbox is a piece of hardware that is hooked up to both your cable box and an Internet connection. Consequently, users can access (i.e. watch) their cable box from any computer or in some cases, any video enabled phone. Skipping ahead to this past Sunday, with the Slingbox buzzing back in Baltimore, we watched the Ravens take on the Seahawks from the comfort of my parent’s couch, while they watched their hometown Jets. Not that we felt like fleeing the basement, but we could have taken a ride around town, visited old friends, picked up some milk or even some last minute gifts without missing a snap as the Slingbox could be transmitted to my Treo without any trouble.

Now I wish I could tell you that the novelty of watching the Purple on my PowerBook somehow made the loss less painful, but this season has not been kind to the heart. Troy’s touchdown toss was worth waiting until the final whistle to put the computer to sleep, but seeing Seattle stomp all over the Ravens left us sleepless in New Jersey.

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