Friday, September 12, 2008

The Chef?

The sport blog godfather himself, Bill Simmons, gave a nod to the Ravens in his Friday column and the topic was a suggested nickname for #5. I can't argue with his choice (see below) but I'd like to submit a few suggestions myself: Flacc Jacket, Flaccido Domingo, Joe-Fla, or my personal favorite, FlaccJacks. What do you think

Here's Simmons' take:

You know, I enjoyed Joe Flacco's work last week -- his teammates responded to him and so did the fans. But he needs a nickname. Joe Flacco makes him sound too much like a chef. Couldn't you see him starring in "Cooking with Joe Flacco" or "Joe Flacco's Barbecue Extravaganza" on the Food Network? So that got me thinking … couldn't his nickname be "The Chef?" For one thing, again, he sounds like a chef. As far as I can tell, nobody in sports has ever had the nickname "Chef" before, and it kinda makes sense for a quarterback since he's the one who has to cook all the ingredients, so to speak. Plus, we've only had one other "Chef" -- the Chef from "South Park" -- and that couldn't have worked out any better. So that's my vote: The Chef, Joe Flacco. But I'm willing to hear any and all suggestions.