Sunday, January 18, 2009

The End

It was a battle right to the end. Unfortunately, Troy P0lamalu performed a near perfect Ed Reed impersonation to close out the Ravens 2008 season. The team had a chance. Despite being outplayed most of the game, just like last week, Baltimore was in it in the fourth quarter and was down just 2 with five minutes to play. But it was not to be.

More importantly, on the Ravens next possession, Willis McGahee took a pass down the middle and was immediately pummeled by the Steelers Ryan Clark.

The shoulder-to-helmet hit left Willis lying on his back for more than 5 minutes as Clark was walked off the field with the help of multiple teammates. With the Ravens huddling around McGahee, and Ray Lewis praying on the sidelines, Willis was lifted on to a stretcher and carried off the field. Phil Simms, Jim Nance and even most of Steeler Country were left speechless and you could even hear a few words of encouragement from the Pittsburgh fans as McGahee was wheeled into the tunnel.

The first words out of the team is that McGahee had movement in his arms and legs, but was experiencing 'significant neck pain'. Clark may have ended Willis' season a few minutes early, but Polamalu ended this magical season for Baltimore two weeks too soon.

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