Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thank You Sports Illustrated

These are two of the three images Sports Illustrated choose to put on their cover for their January 19th issue. (There was also a third cover featuring Tim Tebow, but that's not what is important here).

What is important is the fact that despite the fact that Arizona was on one of their regional covers last week, the Steelers have been on the cover this season already (side note - the cover in question was a photo taken from the last Ravens-Steelers battle and pictured Joe Flacco flat on his back after a sack, talk about rubbing it in), and Ray Lewis delivered a made-for-the-cover-of-any-magazine-poster-billboard-bus shelter-screensaver hit on Titans Fullback Ahmad Hall last weekend - Pittsburgh and the Cardinals are on the cover this week. What does it all mean? Here's hoping the SI Cover Jinx makes its triumphant return and delivers an Eagles-Ravens Super Bowl in Tampa.

PS - Since SI felt the Ray Lewis hit wasn't cover-worthy, I wanted to make sure to point out that it is absolutely blog-worthy. Enjoy:

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