Monday, January 07, 2008

Baltimore Sun-day

What a day for the Baltimore Sun on Sunday. At least for this blogger as the Charm City paper made it's dramatic debut on HBO's crime-drama, The Wire. The fictional newsroom will become a center piece in the show's fifth and final season and in last night's episode, the plot pointed out the perils of modern day journalism and the struggle smaller papers must endure to remain in existence.

With such pending doom in mind, a shining moment in a season that would end with defeat at the hands of Steve Young and the San Francisco 49ers. Of course, like most mortal men, both Garrett and Young have moved on, while Favre still manages to shine on the field. Who made the right decision? Hard to argue with Brett, but Young has a cushy job at ESPN and its possible that Garrett will get to be the boss in Baltimore once the Cowboys' run is complete. I'd go wtih Garrett as far as decision making, after all, as Klingman writes, "He is, they say, the brain without the Brian." Well said, Mr. Klingman. The blogosphere applauds you.

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