Thursday, January 03, 2008

Orange Super Bowl

It's possible that another Orange alum could end up with a ring this year. Five former Syracuse stars were on the roster for the World Champion Colts in Super Bowl XLI (Dwight Freeney, Marvin Harrison, Ryan LaCasse , Josh Thomas and James Mungro). Here's hoping at least one of these current NFL players are victorious in Arizona this February (NOTE: There are no Oranges on the Patriots - yet another reason to root against New England!)
  1. Anthony Smith (Pittsburgh)
  2. James Wyche (Jacksonville)
  3. Tanard Jackson (Tampa Bay)
  4. Keith Bulluck (Tennessee), Rich Scanlon (Tennessee)
  5. Steve Gregory (San Diego)
  6. Dwight Freeney (Indianapolis), Josh Thomas (Indianapolis), Marvin Harrison (Indianapolis)
  7. Kevin Sampson (Washington)
  8. David Tyree (New York Giants), Tom Coughlin (New York Giants)
Thanks to Rappstar for the tip.

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