Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm With You Jessica

The Final Four is set. Patriots, Chargers, Packers and, gulp, the Giants. The gulp is due to the fact that I not only grew up a Cowboys fan living in New Jersey, but I spent the weekend in Atlantic City with a few high school friends for my friend Jay's bachelor party and the Tropicana was bathed in Big Blue (I know AC is closer to Eagles territory, but New Yorkers down for the weekend were clearly in the majority.) So now what?

Petyon? Gone.
Eli? Still playing.
Tony Romo? I suggest a vacation a few million miles away with Ms. Simpson and the Witten's this weekend. The Dallas press, let alone all of SportsNation, is about to come down hard on the latest 'it' couple. Even the paparazzi will be prowling the locker room as the cancellation of the Golden Globes will result in some sparse spreads in the pages of People and US Weekly. Headline prediction for Monday morning? "D'oh!"

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